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Proposed Labour Hire legislation changes

3/5/2018Matthew Franceschini
ES119 Proposed Labour Hire legislation changes

As Group MD and founder of Entity Solutions, our organisation has commenced its journey to comply with the Labour Hire licensing changes that are rolling out in various states. South Australia and Queensland have already implemented the scheme, with Victoria to introduce similar laws fairly quickly if the bill is passed through the upper house.

Organisations such as Entity Solutions will be required to satisfy certain criteria in order to obtain the license and continue to renew for each state in which they operate and where the legislation applies.

I am also a board member of the SEA (formally ICA,) and a former VP. The SEA was formed to protect the rights of independent contractors and all self-employed people to be treated fairly, justly and equitably in Australia and to be allowed to work free from intimidation or harassment from bureaucrats, the ATO, political parties, unions, big business and others. This association has always served the contract community well.

At a recent SEA board meeting it was said that the position of the SEA on the labour licencing scheme was different to that where Entity Solutions is being compelled to move to by virtue of the definition of the Labour Hire licencing requirements.

Journalist for The Australian, Robert Gottliebsen, has written an in-depth article identifying potential dangers to businesses if this bill is passed. The article suggests that according to the definition of a Labour Hire company traditional labour hire organisations such as Adecco, Hays, as well as consultancy firms such as PWC and Deloitte will be included.

The article contends that laws will affect anyone on-hiring the services of people, whether they are large organisations or small businesses. On the flip side, businesses using labour-hire staff will have to use only licensed providers. The article suggests that Victorian State Government believes that this is the best way to protect workers from exploitation.

As the Group MD of Entity Solutions, a service provider underpinned by de-risking and compliance assurance for customers, is it possible that given the wide range of businesses that this may affect, are we over-legislating?


I’m conflicted - tell ME what you think? 

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