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Running a small to medium business is rewarding but also very challenging. Generally, resources are limited, meaning it's not always easy to achieve high performance and growth potential.  It is no wonder SMEs are turning to a contingent workforce to build manpower strength in those times of need. Our contractor management processes ease the complexities associated with flexible work arrangements.  We can compliantly engage and manage your contractors including payroll funding options, not to mention access to expert advice, keeping you up to date with all relevant legislative requirements.

Our SME contractor workforce solutions is a unique concept, aimed at providing start-ups and small to medium sized companies, access to all the help they need to succeed, at a price they can afford.

This service is a cost effective and fully customised solution. Depending on your requirements, you can expect to achieve tangible productivity gains, cost efficiencies, brand enhancement, risk mitigation and more.

We help a large network of SMEs with their contingent workforce needs everyday. Contact us today to discuss your individual business requirements.

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Contractor Management Outsourcing

Contractor Management Outsourcing

We can engage contractors on behalf of your organisation. This extends to the facilitation of 3rd party vendors. Our technology offers bespoke delivery and we can meet any customer requirement.

Workforce Management Technology Solutions

Workforce Management Technology Solutions

From customised payroll software to Cloud Contingent Workforce management systems,

our technology solutions are designed to make your procure-to-pay processes more efficient.

Payroll Financing

Payroll Financing

We can fund the payroll for your contract workforce to simplify your organisation’s billing process. Our significant funding capacity and experience in this area means that you can have confidence that contractors are paid on time, every time.

Outsourced Payroll

Outsourced Payroll

Our technology services and system integration expertise are available as standalone solutions. From customisable payroll software to cloud workforce management systems, our SaaS products offer the efficiency required to automate the procure to pay process.

Contractor Experience

Contractor Experience

We have a range of services available to contractors, designed to take the stress out of their contractor obligations and to support their financial and professional development goals. Our online portal and mobile app helps contractors to manage administration anytime, anywhere.

Migration Services

Migration Services

We offer Migration services for companies and individuals seeking sponsorship for employment purposes. We assist directly with our in-house team or our expert partner to ensure all employment passes, working visas are obtained.

It’s important for me to remain empowered, focused and assertive in my career aspirations, while at the same time maintaining a healthy work-life balance. I have been supported for many years by Entity Solutions who provide me with unrivalled professional services for my project driven relationships, ensuring long term viability and credibility in my career and a richer, more satisfying lifestyle.

Janet Monk Independent Professional -

Entity Solutions represents an intelligent choice for me. They make it possible to focus on building relationships and delivering in various projects without the complexity or burden of operating my own business. I consider Entity Solutions a true partner.

Jason Hales Senior Test Analyst, Independent Professional -

Entity Solutions is my one-stop-shop. The services provided are fantastic for IPros like me who are not interested in registering and administering their own businesses. The relationship is built on trust and understanding. They have delivered everything they promised in a timely and prompt manner and I never had to chase them up to get results. Outsourcing the tasks related to my engagement to Entity Solutions was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I now have more time to focus on what’s important to me when I go home at night.

Meg Bowen Independent Professional -

Entity Solutions’ services are excellent and the professionalism and dedication shown by their staff when it comes to solving my issues and or enquiries has always been outstanding. Contracts, payments, tax, salary packaging, to name a few, have always been carefree and seamless as I move into new contract arrangements. They have given me the confidence that I can get on with my work and not have to worry about the ever-changing complexities of working as an IPro. I would definitely recommend Entity Solutions for the very reasons that I have been contracting through them for eleven years.

Fernando Toro Independent Professional -

Entity Solutions’ knowledge of the immigration processes and legislation is above and beyond anyone I have dealt with in my experience. Each new applicant is given individual treatment by Entity Solutions, who manage each case with empathy and good customer service skills and this means I am confident recommending them to my candidates and business associates.

Jeanette Tilev HR Manager - UXC Limited

Entity Solutions is vendor neutral so we can rely on them to be completely transparent with contractor rates and on-costs. It also helps to promote the model amongst the panel because there is no recruitment threat. It’s so easy for contractors to work with us now. Entity Solutions have assisted us with retention and we’ve been able to build a talent pool of contractors with the skill set that is sometimes hard to find.

Michael Dancey Strategic Sourcing Specialist -

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