Our Leaders

All of our leaders bring to the business their unique expertise across various areas of contingent workforce management. Their combined work histories in business, taxation, payroll, IT and customer service translate into a leadership team that is confident, knowledgeable and successful and always focused on the needs of our customers.

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Name of Main Person

Neil Merola

Chief Executive Officer, Entity Solutions

As Chief Executive Officer, Neil’s business strategies centre on his commitment to our customers.

With over 25 years of experience in consulting, recruitment, HR, business and financial management firms, Neil’s expertise in linking talent management to engagement of the contingent workforce assists him with delivering value and building retention for our customers. Neil holds a Bachelor of Business with majors in Accounting and Business Law.

Name of Main Person

Sabah Khan

General Counsel

Sabah has over 20 years of experience in commercial and corporate law, managing asset and business acquisitions, corporate governance and risk and regulatory compliance management in the APAC region, with a keen focus in compliance management in the contingent workforce space in the last eight years.


Name of Main Person

Jonathan Knowles

Head of Technology and Customer Operations

As Head of Technology and Customer Operations, Jonathan leads the charge in the development and delivery of our global digital assets.

He combined his extensive knowledge of Entity Solutions’ services and customers with a proven background in IT management, to leverage cutting edge technology to continually improve the customer experience. Jonathan has a background in senior recruitment, sales management and holds a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Education from Monash University.


Name of Main Person

Sally Clifton

Head of Customer Development and Experience

Sally is Head of Customer Development and Experience, overseeing all customer development programs and marketing strategies.

Prior to joining Entity Solutions, Sally gained extensive digital experience in a range of analytic, advertising and marketing positions. Most notable is her several years at a leading digital advertising agency in London and 4 years of marketing within the contingent workforce industry. Sally’s transition into marketing has enabled her to utilise her vast knowledge of the digital space to implement valuable digital marketing initiatives.

Sally is driven by her goal of advancing the organisation’s growth in the digital future.

Name of Main Person

Peter Fromont

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Fromont is Entity Solutions’ Chief Financial Officer. With a Bachelor of Commerce, Chartered Accountant and Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand, Peter brings a wealth of experience to the position.

His career spans a number of key roles fulfilling the commercial, financial & accounting requirements of private, listed & multi-national environments, supporting sales, operations, human resources and strategy. Peter is a valued member of the senior leadership team not only for his excellent financial acumen, but also his strong sense of ethics and ability to foster team camaraderie and inspire a shared vision. Under Peter’s sound leadership, Entity Solutions maintains a high calibre finance team.

Name of Main Person

Garima Sareen

Head of Corporate Solutions

Garima is the Head of Corporate Solutions at Entity Solutions.

Holding an MBA degree with specialisations in Marketing and Finance, she has 8 years of experience across Customer Development, pre-sales management, client management and implementation.

Garima is responsible for delivering high quality and tailored solutions for our existing and prospective customers. Her knack for anticipating customer needs and bigger-picture thinking means she is entrusted with large scale implementations for the business.