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Hiring an overseas worker in Australia normally requires the employing organisation to hold a Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS). The On Hire Labour Agreement (OHLA) allows an organisation to bypass the SBS (essentially deferring it to another party) and still gain access to the 482 Visa program.

How we can help

Entity Solutions is one of very few businesses in Australia with authority from the Australian government to offer an OHLA. It provides businesses a hassle-free way of engaging global talent by taking advantage of our capacity and experience in fulfilling sponsorship obligations.


  • Select talent from anywhere in the world to connect people to projects
  • Covers over 400 pre-approved skill sets
  • Engage a worker without the need for your own Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS)
  • Outsource the engagement, mobility, financial and repatriation requirements for overseas workers


  • We manage the entire process – one manager for successful connection of a person to a project
  • Avoid complex, time-consuming processes attached to sponsorship, with easy onboarding and offboarding of workers
  • Mitigate any employment risk by outsourcing all the compliance obligations to us
  • We can facilitate a broader talent management and retention program for your business


Applying for a visa can be complicated. We have answered the most frequently asked questions that may help you navigate the visa application process.

  • A candidate must be paid a minimum annual salary of AUD $65,000 plus superannuation
  • Mandatory Labour Market Testing (LMT) applies. LMT requires two job advertisements from a national recruitment website which states the title and description of the position as well as the annual earnings for the position (if the annual earnings will be greater than AUD $96,400, you do not need to display the salary in the advertisement).
  • In order to meet the TSS 482 visa requirements, an applicant must have:
    • Relevant skills and qualification;
    • At least 2 years of work experience when linked to a relevant degree or with no degree, 5 years relevant work experience;
    • Competent English language ability;
    • Good health and no character issues;
    • Valid health insurance whilst staying in Australia on TSS 482 visa.

Yes, dependant family unit members such as partners and children under the age of 18 years can be included on the application. Dependants aged 18 to 23 years can be included provided they are substantially dependant for their basic needs, such as full time students.

Yes. A family member can be added to your 482 or 457 visa by making a separate visa application known as a ‘subsequent entrant’ application.

Yes. A secondary 482 or 457 visa holder has unlimited work rights.

Unfortunately, Entity Solutions is unable to provide sponsorship for your Permanent Residency application. However, you might be eligible for an Employer Nomination Scheme 186 under the Direct Entry Pathway.

The applicant can pay for the visa application charges for him/her and his/her family members. The applicant can also pay 50% of the migration agent costs associated with the visa application.

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