Our Services

Whether you’re a student, working holiday maker, sponsored worker or a skilled professional from overseas, we provide you with a seamless pathway for migration to Australia.
Migration consultation
We provide advice and consultation for all types of visa and migration applications for individuals.
Permanent Migration Assistance
Prior to lodgement of applications, we go through a process with you which provides you with:
  • An assessment on which visa best suits your personal requirements
  • An assessment for eligibility for more than one visa type
  • Advice about taxation obligations that may alter once Permanent Residency application is lodged
  • Preparation and lodgement of permanent visas with OHLA
Temporary Migration Assistance
Preparation and lodgement of temporary visas with OHLA, including but not limited to Student Visa, Tourist and Short Term Business Visa, Individual 482 Visa (application and management)
New Zealand migration assistance
Preparation and lodgement with Immigration New Zealand (INZ) for Work Visas, Skilled Migrant Category and Work to Residence
We provide advice in line with OHLA.
Our Registered Migration Agents provide expert migration consultation as well as preparation and lodgement of business sponsorship, temporary and permanent visa applications, in accordance with the Department of Home Affairs (OHLA) policies and regulations. Please see the following link to the Code of Conduct for all Registered Migration Agents.
We manage your compliance obligations, take responsibility for all correspondence with OHLA and keep you well informed of developments relating to your application.
Our experienced Migration Agents are also Licensed Immigration Advisers with the Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) New Zealand and can assist in the preparation and lodgement of New Zealand migration applications.
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