Our Story

The ‘new world of work’ is a global phenomenon whereby labour markets are increasingly moving towards project and assignment based engagements. This trend, emerging as it has, due to shifts in demographics, the work-life blending movement, legislative policies, and the overall globalisation of commerce has compelled organisations into re-thinking how it man­ages and engages with its workforce.

Our Story

We were originally established in 1999 to meet this need, at a time when many organisations were unaware of their responsibilities in relation to engaging skilled workers on a fixed term, assignment or project basis, and little attention was given to the management costs and potential compliance risks. Since then, we have built a strong, dynamic business based on our values, an outstanding compliance record and superior service. As a leading and progressive organisation, we seek to better serve the emerging needs of our customers by ensuring that there are no barriers to engaging talent.

The Entity Solutions Group

The Entity Solutions Group is a diverse group of companies specialising in designing and enabling customised workforce solutions. These solu­tions are delivered across the entire spectrum of industry sectors and serve to support the unique needs of contingent workers and the organisations engaging them.

We are alone amongst our peers, in that we are a multi-award winning company with a proven history of professional service delivery servicing an unmatched customer base. We are a premier provider of Workforce Solutions that includes:

    • Contractor management outsourcing, including payroll services
    • Migration and mobility services
    • Business services, including outsourced payroll
    • Accounting business and taxation services
    • IT & Technology consulting Services
    • Contractor services

We are a truly unique and global business with 5 brands and capability that extends across the 5 main continents. Each brand can operate independently or in collaboration with the others to deliver true value to our customers. We are committed to delivering valued, efficient and cost effective outcomes to the Independent Professional and the Corporate customer, through our in-house developed technology platform and centralised shared services model.

With 17 years’ experience combined with the diversity of solutions that we have selectively put together means that we will continue to lead the global workforce revolution and will ensure we remain relevant and provide services that are in demand and valued.